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The Rajmudra Beach Resort is a haven of comfort, designed to appease your senses and is one of the best resorts in Malvan. It is made for quick getaways where you can relax by basking in the sun, playing on the beach, cuddling in bed, while watching the sun rise and set through your window. Our location on the Dandi-Malvan beach provides you an ideal opportunity to connect with nature and have a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.

The Rajmudra Beach Resort is a perfect holiday destination for families. Located 30km from Kudal Station, the closest airport to the resort is Goa. Malvan is accessible only by road transport.

The climate in Malvan is warm and humid throughout the year except during the monsoon season. Malvan receives heavy rainfall during June to September. A holiday in this season brings its own fun and adventure.

Rajmudra Beach Resort

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